How to stand out in your next phone interview

Workskil Australia - How to stand out in your next phone interview

Many hiring managers and human resources departments use phone interviews as a way to more efficiently and quickly narrow down their candidates. Here are five fast tips to stand out in your next phone interview.

Location, Location, Location!

If the phone interview is at a pre-planned time make sure you are in a quiet and comfortable environment to take your call where you are not worried about being overheard or interrupted.

Practice makes perfect

If you have a phone interview scheduled at a certain time, prepare for it like you would an in person interview. Make sure to do your research on the company by looking through their website and have answers ready to go on the most common interview questions.

Be prepared

Think of your phone interview like an open book test. This is your opportunity to have notes right in front of you for any of the points you are worried about getting stuck on. Try and keep your notes to dot points so it does not sound like you are reading out a script.

Keep things concise

A phone interview will generally not run as long as an in person interview as your interviewer is trying to call a lot of candidates. Make sure to show off your effective communication skills by keeping your points concise.

Do not get caught out

You have spent all your time prepping for the interviewer’s questions but what about preparing a few questions of your own? Check out five ideas here.

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