How to write a personal statement

Workskil Australia - How to write a personal statement

Depending on the job role, a personal statement might be appropriate. A personal statement can be included directly under contact details and will be the first thing a recruiting manager will read. See a few tips below about writing a personal statement:


Let the recruiting manager know who you are and what type of experience you have.

Skills, experience or achievements

Outline what makes you different to the competition. This can include skills, experience or achievements in your career.

Goals for the future

Close a personal statement by outlining what you are looking to achieve in your career. It's important that when outlining future goals that it aligns with the job you are applying for.

See an example personal statement below:

A highly motivated and experienced office administrator, I am currently looking to resume my professional career after an extended hiatus to raise my family. Proficient in all Microsoft Office programs, I can lead meetings and work with clients to keep your office running smoothly and efficiently. After spending several years volunteering as an administrative worker for a local charity, I am committed to resuming my professional career on a full-time basis. ​

If you feel a personal statement is not appropriate for the role you are applying for, a few dot points detailing your key skills and achievements will also be good to include.​

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