Jobactive is changing to Workforce Australia: what you need to know

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Jobactive is changing to Workforce Australia: what you need to know


As of July this year, you’re likely to see some changes if you’re a job seeker on an Australian Government employment services program. The previous program, jobactive, is now Workforce Australia.

We’re here to guide you through this transition and ensure that both job seekers and employers feel comfortable with the new process and procedures. While some approaches may be different, what we can assure you is that the Workskil Australia team and our ethos of helping put the right people into the roles has not changed.


What is Workforce Australia?

Workforce Australia is the new Australian Government employment service that will replace what was previously known as Jobactive, from 4th July 2022. The goal of Workforce Australia remains the same: to assist everyone with finding and remaining on a career path they love. 


How to set up your Workforce Australia Online account

As of July 4th 2022, if you previously held a jobactive account, it will be converted to a Workforce Australia account.

You don’t need to register, just sign in using your current jobactive account details. This is where you approve your Job Plan and view the activities you need to do. If you have mutual obligation requirements you can view your requirements including your points target, view your compliance status and report on tasks and activities.

If you don’t already have an account, your Workskil Australia Employment Coach can help you set one up and learn how to use your Workforce Australia Online account. You will need to have a myGov account. This is a simple and secure way to access online government services and is used to sign in to your Workforce Australia Online account. To set this up you will need to link the Australian JobSearch service in myGov.

What are the changes from jobactive to Workforce Australia?

Mutual Obligation Requirements 

As part of this program, you may have mutual obligation requirements. These are requirements that must be completed to receive your Centrelink payments. 

Your requirements may include attending appointments with us, completing tasks towards your points target and participating in activities including applying for jobs. You must report on all requirements by submitting evidence to us or on your Workforce Australia Online account.

Points Based Activation System

Points are a new way to manage your mutual obligation requirements, starting from 4 July 2022. Each month you will need to earn a set number of points to meet your mutual obligation requirements. You can earn points by completing tasks such as applying for a job, going to interviews, doing paid work, or participating in activities.

How Workskil Australia can help you

As an employment service provider and ​​a not-for-profit organisation, Workskil Australia works for the benefit of the community and are 100% focused on helping you succeed. Your dedicated Employment Coach will provide personal and employment support based on your circumstances and where you need assistance. Our services will be delivered with care and expertise, and without judgement.

We provide:

  • Employment program assistance We will help you to understand the program and the services and support available to you 
  • Goal setting and understanding We will help you to identify your goals and to explore career options 
  • Work experience We can help you gain work experience in an area that fits your career goals and we can connect you with employers and job vacancies in your local area 
  • Training and courses We can connect you with courses to develop industry specific skills 
  • Skills for employment We can connect you with courses to help build your reading, writing, math and basic computer skills
  • Health and wellbeing support We can support you with our Allied Health Counselling Services 
  • Personal support We can connect you with and support you to access local community services
  • Financial support We can access funding for services and items needed for personal support, training, work or study 
  • Finding a job We can help you with job search, resume and application, and preparing for your interview
  • Regular check-ins We will meet with you regularly to see how you are going with your activities
  • Continued support We will continue to support you during the first 6 months of work

What to expect from your first Workskil Australia appointment

What do you need to bring to your first appointment?

  • Your resume, if you have one.
  • Any certificates or licenses you hold.
  • A list of your own questions that you have about roles.

What happens at a Workskil Australia appointment

  • We explain the program.
  • We discuss your current skills and life experiences.
  • We discuss your current situation and where you’d to go with your career.
  • We help you identify goals.
  • We discuss a Career Pathway Plan or your Job Plan and set some goals.
  • We may lock in trainings or programs to help toward your plan such as resume writing, literacy and numeracy classes, certificates or tickets within your chosen industry.
  • We help you use your Workforce Australia Online account
  • We’ll schedule in our next appointment together to check in with progress and opportunities.

So, what’s next?

After your first appointment with us you’ll need to approve your Job Plan. You’ll need to work towards completing some of the activities on your Job Plan. While this could seem daunting at first, we’ll already have worked through what may be realistic for you to achieve within a set timeframe. We may have helped you schedule suitable trainings or sign up for online learning programs, and you’ll need to attend those. 

Your dedicated Workskil Australia Employment Coach will check in on your progress regularly, providing you with any opportunities we think are suitable for you, whether these be work experience, internships, suitable roles or further training opportunities.

As always, our goal is to help you in your own career progression, and so if your situation changes we’d love to know. Be sure to check in with your Workskil Australia Employment Coach if and when you gain employment, even if it’s not through us. We’re thrilled to know when our job seekers are succeeding.

If you have more questions about the changes and what they mean for you, get in touch.