Seven tips on how to best structure your resume

Workskil Australia - Seven tips on how to best structure your resume

It is important that a resume is succinct and presented in an easy to read format. We have detailed a recommended structure below, with an explanation of what each section should include:

  1. Name, address and contact details -  list the phone number and a professional email address. You can also add links to professional online profiles.

  2. Personal statement- summarise your career in a few sentences, highlighting why your skills are a good match and what you feel you can offer to the employer.

  3. Employment history - provide details of your work history, including any paid work, plus any relevant volunteer or work experience placements.

  4. Achievements - give a list of your relevant achievements, which clearly highlights suitability for the roles you are applying for.

  5. Skills summary - add a brief list of your skills, focusing on those which are most relevant to the roles you are interested in.

  6. Education and training - keep this relevant and remember to include any training courses which relate to the jobs you are applying for.

  7. References - typically an employer will never call a reference before an interview or before gaining your permission to do so. It's best to have them listed, don't let an employer assume your customer has none by having 'available on request'.