Understanding Indigenous Youth Employment

Artwork by Rita Watson. Proudly displayed at the Workskil Australia Head Office

We’re passionate about closing the Indigenous employment gap by creating real, lasting change for Indigenous young people across the country. We want to connect with even more businesses that are passionate about building lasting pathways to create a positive impact on the lives and futures of Indigenous young people. Workskil Australia do this through our dedicated programs, network and education.

How do we do this?

We offer diversity recruitment services that encourage employers to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to find and keep a job. Both our job seekers and employers are supported throughout the recruitment and onboarding process.

Our dedicated team for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander recruitment is called Workskil Indigenous. Our team includes dedicated Account Managers and Mentors located across Australia, who work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait people to source the right opportunity for them.

Helping you find staff through Indigenous Recruitment

Diversity within the workplace is a journey and we believe it’s an important one. Ensuring there is diversity within your business or organisation leads to a much stronger workplace and can help you secure broader ideas and solutions for business growth.

Workskil Australia’s Indigenous division will work with you to understand your business’ needs and goals and connect you with the right job seekers, who are passionate about your industry. We provide ongoing support to employers and job seekers after a successful placement through our post-placement support team.

We also understand the importance of the workplace itself having culturally safe work environments for their employees and can help you to build your competencies in these areas. 

Building cultural competencies in organisations

Workskil Australia supports businesses to build their own internal Cultural Competencies,  creating safe and culturally appropriate workplaces.

We connect businesses and organisations with Account Managers, who work closely with them to learn more about their business and provide personalised pre-employment assistance. This includes providing cultural awareness training, further information on different work industries and best practices., and the potential for the creation of new job opportunities. 

For some businesses, it can also mean getting settled in with a new community, helping them understand or assist with Indigenous events that are coming up, or just general community engagement. 

Through Workskil Australia’s dedicated Indigenous division? we ensure this work is focused and specialised. The team is extremely driven and passionate about supporting those in the Indigenous community to find and keep a job they love.

Utilising our network

Our Workskil Australia Indigenous division team has fantastic connections across our operating states (SA, NSW, VIC, and WA). We work extremely closely with businesses that are seeking new Indigenous talent and have strong commitments to close the Indigenous employment gap. 

We receive new job opportunities every day and each job vacancy is more interesting than the next! From FIFO in the mines and civil construction through to all things retail and five-star hotels, we work with a range of industries and businesses large big, or small to find them the right candidate.

Our dedicated Indigenous job club provides Indigenous job seekers with the skills, tools, confidence, and knowledge to implement achievable strategies to successfully integrate into the workplace.

How to get involved

If your business or organisation is passionate about closing the Indigenous employment gap we’d love to be able to assist you to find the right candidates for the perfect role for you and them through our job placement services. We’d also be happy to provide mentoring on how to create cultural competencies in the workplace that you may have not considered before.