Where to search for a job

Workskil Australia - Where to search for a job

Available work can be found in different ways. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your application journey:

Word of Mouth

Ask your friends, family, neighbours if they know of any jobs that may be available. Ask prospective employers about voluntary work or work experience that you might be able to undertake a couple days a week. This is a good way to keep your resume current, while also broadening your network.

Face to Face

Spend a day going out and talking to employers, dressing like you would for an interview. Print your cover letter and resume. Even if they’re currently not recruiting, ask them to keep your resume and contact you if anything becomes available. Follow up with the employer after a couple of weeks to see if anything is available.


Online advertising is the easiest way for an employer to place a job advert. Websites such as Seek, Indeed, Gumtree and Job Search are some of the Australia’s most popular job search websites, with thousands of vacancies posted every day.  Where you would like to work? You can go to their website and look for a careers section to see if they have any vacancies.

Social Media

Employers are now using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to post their vacancies. Make sure you have a look at your personal accounts and ensure it shows you in a positive light, it is possible an employer may view your profile. 

Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies are a good way to help you find employment or offer advice. Arrange a time to go in and meet them, this way you will gain feedback regarding your resume and interview skills. Make sure you find one that specializes in recruiting for the type of job you’re looking for.

Attending Networking and Industry Events

This is an excellent way to build up your professional network. Being able to make first-hand connections with industry professionals is a sure-fire way to increase your visibility and stay on top of the latest trends. Chat about industry related topics to show your value with prospective employers. After the event, remember to contact any leads within 24 - 48 hours; they will be able to put your face to your name, making you stand out for any available job opportunities. Keep an ear to the ground of any networking events happening in the industry you would like to work in.


Although not as popular as it used to be, jobs are still advertised in newspapers and may include jobs available in your local area.

Ask your consultant

At each appointment, ask your Workskil Australia Consultant to go through the current jobs available. We work with local employers to place our customers into employment.

We can help!

Looking for more tips or guidance? Workskil Australia can support you on your employment journey. To see our employment support options click here.