Why diversity recruitment is important for your business

Hands of different colours and ages joined as a team

What is diversity recruitment?

Put simply, diversity recruitment means actively trying to employ a workforce from all paths of life. You could benefit from working with Workskil Australia’s diversity recruitment specialists.

Why is diversity recruitment important to your business?

Having a diverse team will open your business to new ideas and skills while enhancing your reputation as an employer.

Whilst having a team that works well together and are dedicated to the business goals is important, having a team who have all experienced similar lives and careers can limit a business from the benefits of different life experiences and outlooks.

These experiences can lead to fresh ideas you and your team may have never considered before; tap into a new market or audience, improve systems and processes, come up with new product ideas, create better customer relationships - the list goes on. What’s important to remember is that a diverse workplace often leads to happier staff and customers, as they see themselves reflected in new and exciting ways. 


What areas of diversity can Workskil Australia help your business with?

  • Indigenous jobs and support - Our dedicated Workskil Indigenous division operates to further opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders through sustainable employment.
  • Mature aged employment - Mature aged workers not only have many years of experience and knowledge but can deliver your business a great return on investment.
  • Disability employment - Hiring someone living with a disability, injury or mental health condition can add talent and valuable experience to your business, as well as lead to reduced turnover and stronger workplace morale.
  • Youth employment - Young people are full of potential and are eager to learn new skills in new environments.
  • Refugees and migrants - A multicultural and inclusive workplace broadens your businesses skills and talents, as well as represents the communities in which we operate.
  • Ex-offenders - Your business can benefit from a pool of trained, engaged, and job-ready candidates who have been through our Work Ready, Release Ready program.


How can Workskil Australia help you recruit a diverse team?

We believe that there is a right job out there for everyone and at Workskil Australia we're passionate about connecting those who are enthusiastic to work with the right workplaces and environments.

As an employer, you will be supported throughout the process and will open your business to new ideas and skills while enhancing your reputation as an employer. We can provide accredited and non-accredited training, that is tailored to your individual business needs and the needs of your new employees. 

We also offer tailored cultural awareness training and can work with employers and staff to help prepare them for a diverse workforce.


Workskil Australia’s diversity success

In 2020/2021 Workskil Australia supported:

  • 6,384 people who identify as refugees
  • 35,480 mature aged people
  • 12,436 Indigenous Australians
  • 23,095 people living with a disability, illness or injury
  • 24,572 culturally and linguistically diverse people
  • 10,698 ex-offenders
  • 20,964 young people
  • 209 school students at risk of disengaging with education


Our own diverse Workskil Australia Team

We’re also a proud, diverse team ourselves. We love working with, and alongside, people from all different walks of life. 

At Workskil Australia we employ 159 people who were born in another country and 35 people who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and there are 43 different languages spoken by our staff.


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