Why getting your licence is important to help you get a job

Young Man Learning How to Drive

Why getting your licence is important to help you get a job

Getting your driver's licence can feel like a daunting step. Even once you’ve obtained your L’s (or learners permit) you need to complete supervised driving hours in South Australia to be able to get your P’s (or provisional licence.) If you don’t have someone who is readily available to help you practice and or a vehicle to learn in, these hours can, unfortunately, take a long time to accumulate.

The latest statistics show that nationwide in Australia one third of job seekers don’t have their driver’s licence. That’s a large portion. At Workskil Australia we’re here to help and through our free Geared 4 Work program, we’re assisting people reach their goal of getting their driver’s licence in a safe and timely manner.

Today we’ll explore both WHY Workskil Australia recommends getting your driver's licence and HOW we can help you to do so, to improve your likelihood of getting employed.


A driver’s licence gives you independence

This almost goes without saying, but having a driver’s licence gives you an incredible amount of independence. It’s hard to quantify for those who haven’t experienced it before, but being able to go where you want, when you want opens up a world of possibilities and opportunities. Plus, you’ll always get to be in charge of the radio station, which is pretty great.


A driver’s licence helps you travel to training

Many job opportunities provided through Workskil Australia, or just in general can need specific in-person training to be completed before application. Being able to readily access this training, which is often in set locations, could be vital in helping you toward your career path. Catching public transport, though sometimes convenient, isn’t always suitable when you may have tools or equipment you need to bring along. 

Also, not having to meet a public transport time schedule (which may not align easily with where you need to be) can create a lot more spare time within your day. 


A driver’s licence provides more job opportunities for young people

It’s true that some jobs require you to have a driver’s licence but many employers simply want to know you can be on time or flexible with their required rosters. For some, this is one of the first things they look for in the employment process as they know the nature of their work requires someone who is able to drive. By being able to confirm with a potential employer that you have a driver’s licence you’re much more likely to make it further down the recruitment path.

In addition to this, there may be job opportunities outside your local area or even within the reasonable reach of public transport that you are missing out on simply because it’s too far away for you to get there. By having your driver’s licence so many more of these opportunities open up to you and you’re likely to see many more options in your chosen field if you can be more mobile.


A driver’s licence allows for shift flexibility

If your chosen job has shift work, it’s far easier to say yes to extra shifts or more hours at the drop of a hat when you’re able to drive to and from work. Jobs that may have very early or very late hours could mean that you’re unable to get to unplanned shifts, or less likely to be asked by your employer to do additional hours as they don’t want to inconvenience you with transport.


How to increase your supervised hours

Ok, so now you know the main benefits, how exactly do you increase your supervised hours? That’s where Workskil Australia can help. 

Geared 4 Work is a free program for young people up to the age of 25, registered with Workskil Australia and living in the northern suburbs of Adelaide. The program supports learner drivers to achieve their supervised hours with a driver mentor/supervisor.

Our driver mentors are here to help you learn how to drive safely on the roads without having to pay the large fees for an instructor


Want to learn more?

Geared 4 Work has helped job seeker Jared achieve his logbook hours and we know it could help you too.

To find out more send an enquiry to geared4work@workskil.com or speak to your Workskil representative.