Why you should be conducting phone interviews

Workskil Australia - Why you should be conducting phone interviews

Phone interviews are an excellent way for hiring managers and human resources departments to more efficiently and quickly narrow down their candidates.

Here are three reasons you should be conducting phone interviews.

It’s a time saver

A phone-screening interview can save everyone time. Investing in a 20-minute phone call with your candidates will allow you to rule out anything that may be an initial deal-breaker for you or the candidate instead of you both committing to an in-person interview that could take up to hours out of both of your time.

Identify deal breakers

It could be that the person can’t start when you need them to or a lack of interpersonal skills or professionalism. Talking on the phone will allow you to quickly rule out candidates that don’t fit the critical criteria for the job.

Set a schedule

Depending on how in-depth you would like to get in your phone interview, it’s probably best to give the candidate a heads up on when you’re planning on conducting the interview.

Some employers like to use a phone interview to review the job description and ask any quick questions they may have about the candidates resume while others run a job interview like an in-person interview. While the type of discussion you run will be dependent on the position, you are hiring for if you’re expecting it to be a lengthy conversation, it is courteous to let the candidate know in advance.