Your Guide to Wage Subsidies

Workskil Australia - Your Guide to Wage Subsidies

Wage subsidies are financial incentives employers can access by hiring eligible job seeking customers. To receive a wage subsidy from Workskil Australia, your new employee must be registered with us.

What wage subsidies are available?*

Mature Aged Workers. Up to $10,000 if you hire someone aged 50 years or older.

Young People. Up to $10,000 if you hire an eligible young person aged 15 to 29.

Indigenous Australians. Up to $10,000 for eligible Indigenous job seeking customers.

People with Disability. Up to $10,000 for eligible job seeking customer who have a disability.

Long Term Unemployed. Up to $6,500 if you hire an eligible customer who have been registered with Workskil Australia for at least 12 months.

Parents. Up to $6,500 for principal carer parents.


What types of jobs are eligible?

· Full time or part time.

· Casual employment, provided it is ongoing.

· Ongoing Apprenticeship or Traineeship.

· Meets Australian employment standards.

· Minimum 20 hours per week averaged over six months**.

Want to find out more?

Call us on 1800 125 555, register your job vacancy or click here

*Conditions and eligibility criteria apply to all wage subsidy agreements. Figures refer to individual recruits.

**Excluding Disability Employment Services placements which also offer incentives for placements with 8 hours or 15 hours