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Post Placement Support

We want your employment to be a positive and rewarding experience. We will continue to provide you with support during your first six months on the job.

Support While You're Working

Your Employment Coach will remain in touch and continue providing support during your first six months on the job. We will check in with you every few weeks to see how your job is going, and to offer support.

This is part of the Workforce Australia Services program and is sometimes called Post Placement Support. We can help with:

Dedicated Contact

Your Employment Coach will continue to provide support.

Travel Assistance

Travel vouchers and assistance to accommodate transport requirements.

Work Clothing and Equipment

Assistance in obtaining work clothing, footwear, safety gear and work equipment.


Assistance in gaining a driver’s licence, white card and forklift licence.

Health and Wellbeing

Referrals to counselling and other community services for managing health and wellbeing.

Employment Support

Advocating and supporting you around any challenges experienced during your employment.

Workplace Modifications

Providing financial assistance for modifications or aids if living with a disability or experiencing an injury or illness.


Post Placement Support is available to participants in our Workforce Australia Services program.

Frequently Asked Questions

While you are registered with Centrelink for income support payments, you need to declare your income to Services Australia each fortnight. You can report using your Centrelink online account, the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app, or you can call the Centrelink Reporting Line.

While you participate in Workforce Australia Services, you may also be required to meet a monthly points requirement. The hours you work can count towards your points requirement, which you can report using your Workforce Australia Online account or by talking to us.

If you need help with this please contact your Employment Coach.

You can stay registered for Centrelink payments or you can choose to exit. This will depend on how comfortable you are that your employment will be ongoing and whether you are earning enough income.

If you stop receiving assistance from Centrelink, you can still access support from us through the Workforce Australia Services program for the first six months on the job.

You can exit Centrelink on Workforce Australia Online or you need to contact Services Australia. If you need help with this please contact your Employment Coach.

If you are working enough hours to meet your Centrelink requirement to work full time or part time, then you may not have any job search requirements.

If you aren’t working enough hours, we can support you with job search or options to increase your hours with your current employer.

Each person has different job search requirements and we will work with you to ensure that they reflect your situation.

Find out more

To learn more about the support available to you while you're working, call us or submit an enquiry.


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