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Understanding Mutual Obligation Requirements

Help understanding your mutual obligation requirements and what to do if you can't meet them.

Mutual Obligations are Outlined in Your Job Plan

Mutual obligation requirements are the things that you agree to do, to receive your income support payments.

Your Employment Coach will work with you to ensure your requirements tailored to your personal situation, are achievable and clearly explained.

Your mutual obligations can include:

  • Meeting your monthly points target including any minimum job search requirement
  • Attending your appointments with Workskil Australia
  • Attending job interviews
  • Following up on job opportunities
  • Accepting suitable job offers
  • Participating in mandatory activities

If you can’t meet the mutual obligation requirements, speak to your Employment Coach as soon as possible. We may be able to adjust the requirements depending on your personal situation.

The below video from Services Australia provides more information about mutual obligation requirements.

Mutual Obligations Requirements update

Do you have more questions?

If you have questions about your mutual obligation requirements or can't meet your mutual obligation requirements, call us or submit an enquiry.


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