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Apprentices and Trainees

Hiring an apprentice or trainee can prove a sound investment for your business. It can help you increase performance and ensures valuable skills and ‘tricks of the trade’ are passed on to the next generation of Australia’s workforce.

Why Employ an Apprentice or Trainee?

Taking on an apprentice or trainee is a cost-effective way of expanding your workforce and ensuring recruits develop the skills and knowledge required to become valuable members of your team.

You can benefit from the fresh perspective, enthusiasm and an extra pair of hands. Your new starter will benefit from your expertise as they grow and contribute to your business.

Workskil Australia can connect you with a suitable recruit and assist with the onboarding process, so you both hit the ground running and access the relevant financial incentives.

What's the Difference?

Both apprenticeships and traineeships combine education with paid on-the-job experience.

Apprentices work in the trades, for example, as carpenters, chefs and hairdressers. Apprenticeships are completed in one to four years, depending on the industry.

Trainees work and learn across industries including administration, childcare, healthcare and IT, and take one to two years to complete their traineeship.

What are the benefits?

Increase Productivity

A cost-effective approach to boosting productivity and growing your workforce

Financial Assistance

Subsidies and incentives are available to you and your new starter

Ongoing Support

Access to industry bodies and training organisations while your new employee learns on the job

Share Your Expertise

Pass on your hard earned knowledge and skills to the next generation

Let us connect you with enthusiastic and engaged candidates

We can help you navigate the process and access the financial incentives available to you. Tell us about your ideal new employee today.


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