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Work for the Dole Activities

Hosting a Work for the Dole activity is a great opportunity to gain temporary team members for your organisation or to assist with completing community projects.

What is Work for the Dole?

Work for the Dole is a work experience program available to participants in Workforce Australia Services. It is a great way to access temporary team members for your organisation or to help complete community projects, while providing participants with opportunities to gain skills for employment and references.

Not-for-profit organisations and local Government agencies can host Work for the Dole activities by contacting Workskil Australia. Meet the criteria and we can match you with suitable individuals to assist with your projects on a part-time basis, often in much less time than a traditional recruitment process.

Participants are hosted for a minimum of eight weeks and can continue longer by agreement. Your new recruits are treated like employees during their placement. They receive appropriate training and care, and are entitled to the same health and safety, and insurance requirements as employees.

Work for the Dole activities can include:

  • Day-to-day shop operations
  • Maintaining gardens and community centres
  • Answering phones and providing customer service
  • Constructing facilities in public spaces
  • Creating media content for local charities
  • Day-to-day warehouse duties

What are the benefits?

Extra Hands at no Additional Cost

Complete extra tasks that previously lacked resources

Share Your Skills and Experience

Support your community and help participants develop valuable on-the-job experience

Financial Incentives

Access modest payments for each individual you host

We can connect you with with Work for the Dole participants ready to start.

Tell us about your project and resourcing needs, and let us connect you with job seekers looking for opportunities to develop skills and participate in your community. 

Our Work for the Dole Partners

Workskil Australia has a rich history of building successful long-term relationships with respected organisations across diverse industries. Some of the organisations we’ve partnered with to host Work for the Dole activities include:

  • Salvos Stores
  • The Museum of Perth
  • Civil Train
  • Friends for Good
  • Lifeline Opshops
  • Geraldton Golf Club


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