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Workforce Australia Services

Through Workforce Australia Services, we deliver meaningful support for participants to overcome barriers to employment and connect with suitable job opportunities.

About Workforce Australia Services

Workskil Australia is a proud provider of Workforce Australia Services. We work closely with the Australian Government to deliver these employment services by increasing your abilities to find and keep a job. This includes addressing your challenges and providing support for building practical skills, gaining qualifications, completing job applications, accessing financial assistance and improving health and wellbeing.

You may be referred to us when applying for income support through Centrelink.

How we can help

Workskil Australia pairs you with a dedicated Employment Coach who adapts the services to support you where you need it the most. We can help you with the following:

Finding a Job

Find and keep a job that suits your interests and abilities

Exclusive Opportunities

Connect with job vacancies exclusive to Workskil customers

Health and Wellbeing

Access counselling and referrals to community services

Financial Support

Receive funds for transport, clothing, training, study and other work materials

Pathways to Education

Find and apply for training or courses that align with your goals

Resume and Cover Letter

Draw attention with a professional resume and cover letter

Job Interviews

Build confidence and prepare for potential job interviews

Driver’s Licence

Access lessons and support in achieving a driver’s licence

Industry Engagement

Access job-specific training, activities and networking opportunities

Support While You're Working

We want your employment to be a positive and rewarding experience. We will continue to provide you with support during your first six months on the job.


You can contact us by phone or email to access this program, and we’ll assess your eligibility. You may also be referred to us by Centrelink.

If you receive support from another employment services provider, you can switch to Workskil Australia anytime. Speak with your current provider about making the change or by calling the Workforce Australia National Customer Service Line:

1800 805 260

Pauline stands in front of the counter at Argo cafe. She has her blonde hair tied back and is wearing a black t-shirt and an apron. She's holding a sandwich on a plate to deliver to a customer, and smiling proudly.

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Pauline, a 47-year-old Australian mother, shares her inspiring story of finding fulfillment and social connection through her recent employment in the hospitality sector.

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Find out more

To learn more about Workforce Australia Services and how to register, call us or submit an enquiry.


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