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Digital4Work is a free program that can help you use technology to access Government services and for job search.

About Digital4Work

Digital4Work is a free digital program that is delivered through facilitated workshops hosted by our team, or accessed online through our eLearning portal.

Digital4Work includes three sessions that range from beginner to intermediate level. You can complete them in order or choose the level relevant to your digital skills and experience. The sessions cover topics including:

  • Getting to know computers, smartphones and the internet
  • Navigating online Government services
  • Sending emails and managing online accounts
  • Online safety and how to avoid scams
  • Searching and applying for jobs online
  • Creating and editing documents
  • Writing a standout resume and cover letter
  • Attending virtual job interviews

Workforce Australia participants can count 15 points for each session towards their monthly points target.


Digital4Work is available to participants registered with any Workskil Australia program.

Find out more

To learn more about Digital4Work and how to register, call us or submit an enquiry.


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