At Workskil we offer a range of free services to employers to assist them in supporting new employees, trainees, placements or interns with the necessary support and tools to develop a prosperous career path.

Our job placement specialists are passionate about connecting employers looking for employees through our wide range of programs and employment services

Training, tools and work clothing

We understand that to get the job done properly there may be some additional resources your employees may need. Workskil Australia may be able to support your new starter with funding for things such as necessary training, work-related clothing, tools or protective equipment.

Obviously, eligibility criteria apply for this assistance but please speak to a staff member if you believe your new starter needs some assistance in these areas that you are unable to provide.

Internships and Work Experience

It’s important to make sure you have the right fit for your business. Particularly before you hire someone permanently.

Through Workskil Australia you can trial new staff with the PaTH Internship and National Work Experience Programmes. Both programmes offer financial incentives to cover the cost of hosting a prospective employee but this can be a great way to see if someone is right for your business. It's also a good way to understand what gaps there may be in your recruitment process, without committing to hiring someone. Again, eligibility criteria apply.

Diversity Recruitment

Our diversity recruitment services support Indigenous people, young people and people living with a disability, injury or health condition to find and keep a job. We believe that there is a right job out there for everyone and at Workskil Australia we're passionate about connecting those who are enthusiastic to work with the right workplaces and environments.

As an employer, you will be supported throughout the process and will open your business to new ideas and skills while enhancing your reputation as an employer. Learn more about our diversity recruitment service.

Support for you and your new starter

If you think your organisation needs support after the initial placement is made, Workskil Australia is more than happy to help either or both of you in this process. Post Placement Support is an added free service to ensure your organisation’s needs are met.

We’ll keep in regular contact with you and your new employee to smooth out any bumps and assist you both in making any necessary changes. We will work with you to determine your preferred contact method and time of contact.


Keeping the team together

If one of your team has an injury, disability or health condition that impacts their work, Workskil Australia can support them to keep their job.

Work Assist is an Australian Government-funded program that builds a person's capacity to work, so they can maintain their employment. We currently deliver this service from our Disability Employment Services offices.

Are you a community organisation or government entity?

You may be eligible to host a Work for the Dole activity. Workskil Australia can provide human resources and funding to support community and government projects. 

Our team can discuss with you directly project opportunities, budgets and responsibilities. Workskil Australia will organise relevant checks, find a qualified supervisor (if required), insurance for Work for the Dole participants and contribute to necessary materials for the project.

If you are interested in finding about more about any of these services please contact us on 1800 125 555 or alternatively you can request a call back.

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