At Workskil Australia, we’re committed to achieving positive, long-term and cost-effective recruitment outcomes for your business. We understand the importance of hiring the right fit.

This is why we provide eligible employers looking for employees with paid work trials to ensure a good match is made for all parties, in all instances. This way, no matter the circumstances, employers can feel comfortable and supported while gaining the knowledge that an employee has long term potential to work within their business.

Benefits Include:

  • Provide a short period (two weeks) of paid employment on a trial basis
  • 100% (including GST ) reimbursement of wages earned for that period of time.
  • Allow our customers to show their skills and abilities while active within the role to make it easy to determine if they are the right fit for the company.

Eligibility Criteria

Of course, to be able to provide such support to a business or organisation, certain eligibility criteria is required.

This is as follows:

  • The position needs to be seen as ongoing and will continue at the conclusion of the work trial.
  • Comply with minimum standards for Employment as established under relevant Commonwealth (for example, Fair Work Act 2009), state or territory law (including any award conditions applicable to the position.
  • The client has not been a previous employee of the business and/or must not displace an existing employee.
  • Not be a commission-based, self-employment or subcontracted position

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