If you access our jobactive, ParentsNext or Disability Employment Services support, you may have Mutual Obligations. Mutual Obligations are activities you are required to complete in order to receive your income support.

Mutual Obligation requirements are in place for all customers. Please see below for information about Mutual Obligation.

Here is the information you need to know.

Customers are required to enter their required job search efforts each month to their Job Seeker account via myGov. Please follow these instructions on how to do this. Customer payments will be suspended by the Australian Government if this requirement is not met. Customers will be required to participate in appointments with Workskil Australia, agree to their Job Plan, submit their job searches efforts each month, attend agreed activities (where it is safe to do so) and accept any offer of suitable work. 

As always, it is our priority to deliver our services to customers safely and with the highest level of care and integrity. Here are the key points from the Workskil Australia COVID-19 Safe Work Plan:

  • Workskil Australia will be flexible and considerate of customers who are adjusting to the return of Mutual Obligation requirements and understanding of COVID-19 risks in all judgements.
  • We will ensure 1.5 metre social distancing between individuals and individual work stations.
  • Hand sanitiser is available for customer and staff use.
  • Regular cleaning with disinfectant is undertaken in all offices.
  • The maximum capacity of our offices have been calculated according to the individual state government requirements.
  • Customers are advised to not attend an office if they are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Sites that are delivering face-to-face services have a COVID-19 Safe Plan (site specific).
  • Posters are displayed with advice and direction for customers and other visitors in multiple languages (as required).
  • Physical distancing markers are installed in reception areas.

How can I meet my mutual obligation?

Attend your appointments 

Appointments in WA and SA are required to be conducted face-to-face. Due to public health regulations, face-to-face servicing in NSW and VIC is only available to those customers who have been double vaccinated. Please note, masks must be worn at all appointments in SA and VIC. For those customer in NSW and VIC who are not double vaccinated, we will continue to deliver appointments virtually. Please call our sites if you require urgent assistance.  

At your appointments, we will work together to prepare you for work. We can link you with other services to build your skills and review your requirements on your Job Plan.

Complete your job search every month

Make sure you report your job search on time each month. The amount of job searches you have to complete will depend on your circumstances and will displayed in your individualised Job Plan. 

You will be required to enter your required job search efforts each month to your Job Seeker account via myGov. Instructions on entering your job search efforts can be found on the Job Search website.

As noted above, payment suspensions may be enforced by the Australian Government if you do not comply with the requirements of your Job Plan.

Participate in activities

Attend your agreed activity(ies) as per your Job Plan and as soon as possible afterwards, record your attendance to your Job Seeker account via myGov.

Follow up on referrals and attend interviews

Tailor your resume to each role you are referred to. This will improve your chances at obtaining an interview. Use your online dashboard in myGov to confirm that you’ve attended any interviews.

Use the myGov online dashboard

Record when you have applied for a job, as well as confirm when you have attended an appointment, job interview or activity.

Contact us if you can’t meet your requirements

If you are unable to meet one of your requirements please contact us (details below) to avoid system-based payment suspensions being applied by the Australian Government. 

We look forward to supporting your employment journey. If you have any questions please call us on 1800 125 555 8:00 am to 6:30 pm CST or contact your local Workskil Australia office.