Group of five people sitting in a circle, on chairs, working together.Want to build real skills and experience? Work for the Dole can provide you with valuable ‘on the job’ training in various industries from design to construction.*

*Please note that Work for the Dole activities may be available in the areas we service in SA, WA and NSW, where it is safe to do so. Work for the Dole activities are not available in Victoria.

What is Work for the Dole?

Work for the Dole (WfD) provides an opportunity for job seekers to volunteer and gain valuable skills and experience with community and government organisations. Participants learn and gain valuable work related skills and contribute to valuable community projects in their local area, with projects generally six months in length.

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How will this program help me find a job?

By participating in WfD you will receive:

    • An opportunity to gain a current work reference.
    • Get back into the routine of working in a supported environment.
    • Meet new people and develop potential work contacts.
    • Learn new work related skills.


How do I access this program?

Participation  will depend on an individual's circumstances and Centrelink requirements. The hours in which you participate will count towards your Annual Activity Requirements. Talk to your Workskil Australia Employment Consultant or Employment Broker to see what projects are available in your area.

WfD projects include everything from creating magazines, working in a retail environment, caring for animals, fixing cars to renovating heritage buildings. Workskil Australia has a wide choice on offer to suit your desired career pathway.

Next Steps

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