Young woman in a denim jacket talking to a counsellor.Looking for someone to talk to? Our Allied Health team are here for you.

What is Allied Health?

Workskil Australia’s Allied Health team are highly skilled counselling professionals, who can assist you to deal with challenges that may interfere with your day to day work, study or training.

To find out more about this support:

How will this service support me?

As part of our service you will:

  • Have an initial appointment, where you will meet a counsellor and discuss if our Allied Health service is right for you.
  • Be able to work with a counsellor on a weekly or fortnightly basis, the choice is yours.
  • Allocated three initial counselling sessions, then a progress review will take place and if needed, another three sessions will be decided upon.

Throughout the process, we will work with your Workskil Australia consultant to address any of the challenges that may be affecting your work readiness.


How do I access this support?

Talk with your consultant if you think you need this support. We can then discuss the options available and work out what to do moving forward.

Next steps

Let us support you on your employment journey. Contact us now to find out how we can work together.