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Boushra is outside in a garden. She's wearing a fur-lined black leather jacket and a dark grey hijab. She's kneeling down to hug her young daughter, they're both smiling happily.

Boushra's Drive for Success

Boushra's drive for success shines through as she overcomes challenges, with the support of the ParentsNext program, to pursue her dream of becoming an Accredited Psychologist in Australia.


Boushra was referred to our ParentsNext program when she was three months pregnant with her second child. After migrating from Syria as an Accredited Psychologist, her goals were to improve her English, gain her driver’s licence, and become an Accredited Psychologist in Australia.

Workskil Australia assisted Boushra by linking her with a driving instructor and helping with the fees associated with gaining her licence, which removed some financial pressure while caring for a new baby.

Boushra was able to achieve her goal and pass her driving test the first time!

We are so excited for Boushra, who explained, “My life is so different now. I have more freedom, and now I can take my son to school and attend important medical appointments with my youngest son. I am more confident in myself and within the community.”

Boushra is now focused on continuing to improve her English language skills and, once fluent, becoming an Accredited Psychologist in Australia in order to provide a good life for her children.

Great job, Boushra! You are now well on the road to achieving your goals, and we are thrilled to be able to assist you.

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