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Daryl’s Drive Delivers Success

Faced with homelessness and lacking qualifications, Daryl found hope and security through Workskil Australia’s support, securing employment and a place to call home.


When Daryl first started his journey with Workskil Australia, he was experiencing a number of hardships, including homelessness. He was keen to get back into employment and hoped to one day work as a butcher.

Employment Consultant Chelsea worked with Daryl to complete the required housing forms, prepare documents, and write him a letter of support. Chelsea was also able to help purchase and set up a new phone for Daryl which allowed him to stay connected for housing and employment opportunities.

Despite the hurdles, Chelsea and Daryl worked out a plan to get him closer to his goal of becoming a butcher. Unsure where to start and without the financial means to undertake training, Chelsea was there to support Daryl in navigating this process. She secured funding and arranged for him to complete the necessary licences to start the training.

As Daryl worked towards his butchering training, he was presented an opportunity to work as a delivery driver. This opportunity offered great work experience and an immediate start. Daryl jumped at the chance. After securing an interview, Chelsea assisted Daryl in purchasing suitable interview clothing, ensuring he looked and felt his best.

Daryl's hard work and dedication paid off! He successfully secured the job and is really enjoying it. While his ultimate goal remains becoming a butcher, Daryl sees the value in his current position, which provides a steady income and valuable work experience. His current employer is supportive of his future aspirations and has expressed willingness to accommodate his study schedule once he begins the butchering course.

Securing a steady income through employment has been a transformative experience for Daryl. Not only has it brought financial stability, but it's also unlocked the door to stable housing, a recent achievement he can be proud of.

Daryl's progress is a testament to both his own initiative and perseverance, and the positive support network he has around him.

Wanting to find out more about the support Workskil Australia offers our customers? Click here. Don't forget to also visit our resource hub where you can find a range of helpful information and tools, including housing advice and assistance.

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