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Housing Crisis Won’t Ground Kerry’s Career

Kerry's story is one of resilience and the power of support. We're proud of what she has accomplished in such a short time.


Without stable housing, Kerry thought finding employment would be impossible. The 59-year-old First Nations woman recently learned that her rental home was being put up for sale and the situation would impact her ability to complete upcoming training and secure a job.

Working with her Employment Coach Nezar, Kerry was identified as a suitable candidate for a program that supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders with building confidence, resilience to change and improving mental health.

It was during conversations about the program that Kerry confided that changes to her housing situation would impact her ability to participate and was causing distress.

Nezar immediately referred her to our Housing Pathways Assistant, who worked with Kerry and her housemate to find accommodation within Cannington region, south of Perth, close to where they currently resided.

The Housing Pathways Assistant helped with rental applications and advocated to the agent on their behalf. With a home secured, Workskil Australia assisted with the rental bond, removalist fees and the cleaning costs of her former property to ensure the transition was as smooth as possible.

Once settled, Kerry was able to complete the training, where she gained exposure to industries actively recruiting within her community.

Nezar helped Kerry improve her resume, and together, they leveraged her past work experience to secure a position as a fly-in fly-out (FIFO) cleaner within Western Australia’s Eastern Goldfields region.

Workskil Australia funded work clothing and the police clearance check, and then assisted with transport to the airport for her first shift.

Within just two months of attending appointments with Workskil Australia, Kerry transitioned from unemployed and facing homelessness to finding new accommodation and a suitable, stable job.

Kerry said that during her time with Workskil, she gained confidence, social skills and self-esteem, and overall, the support makes challenges more manageable.

We wish Kerry all the best on her flight path to financial security and success.

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