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Jarrod and his driver mentor stand on either side of a silver car with the Geared for Work logo visible on the open doors. Jarrod is proudly holding up his L-plates, while his mentor looks on proudly.

Jared’s Gearing up to get his Licence

Geared 4 Work, a free program by Workskil Australia, supports young job seekers like Jared by alleviating financial constraints and providing supervised driving hours to help them obtain their driver's licence.


Obtaining a driver's licence can be a daunting and costly process, especially for young job seekers who often face financial constraints and limited access to vehicles or supervised driver support. Recognising these significant barriers and their impact on the ability of young people to secure employment, Workskil Australia took the initiative to create Geared 4 Work.

Geared 4 Work, a free service initiated in collaboration with the Brotherhood of St. Laurence and the Paul Ramsay Foundation, aims to alleviate the financial pressure and assist young individuals under 25 in achieving their supervised log book hours, a crucial step toward obtaining their driver's licence. Operatinging in Adelaide, the service has already made a substantial impact since its launch in September 2021, supporting over hundreds of job seekers at various stages of their learning-to-drive journey.

One such individual benefiting from Geared 4 Work is Jared (pictured), a determined young man keen to acquire his driver's licence. Jared has recently secured a role in the hospitality industry and is about to embark on his university studies. He envisions his driver's licence as a tool that will grant him flexibility and dependability in managing both his work commitments and studies effectively. However, like many young job seekers, Jared faced limited access to a vehicle and financial constraints, making it challenging to self-fund professional driving lessons to fulfill his required log book hours.

Jared shared his experience with the Geared 4 Work service, stating, "Geared 4 Work helped me save money; I now don't have to pay for as many driving lessons." The service's support has been invaluable in easing the financial burden of obtaining his licence. Jared also emphasised the importance of having a driver's licence in terms of emergency situations and work responsibilities. He added, "Having my licence will help greatly if I am needed to cover an emergency shift; I can come right away, or something as simple as being the last to close the shop, I have a way to get home more safely."

Through the Geared 4 Work service, Jared has already completed over 15 supervised driving appointments, bringing him closer to achieving his goal of obtaining a driver's licence and gaining independence. With this milestone, he can unlock more opportunities for employment and education, setting himself on a path to a brighter future.

Workskil Australia's Geared 4 Work service provides as a shining example of how community-driven initiatives can break down barriers to employment and empower young individuals to reach their full potential. By offering essential support and resources, the service not only helps job seekers obtain their driver's licence but also fosters greater independence and opens doors to new opportunities in the workforce and beyond.

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