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A photo of Kris and his blue heeler Buddy kneeling outside of the Workskil Australia Oaklands Park office.

Kris is Back to Work for his Buddy

Kris was determined to find a job to provide for his four year old Blue Heeler, Buddy. With the help of Workskil Australia, he is now working part-time and is feeling hopeful for the future.


Caring for his companion Buddy was the ultimate motivation for Kris to find a job.

Ensuring the four-year-old Blue Heeler was well fed and cared for led the 43-year-old to turn his life around and break a 20-year unemployment cycle.

“At my lowest point, I was unemployed, homeless and addicted,” Kris said.

“I often faced the choice of buying food for Buddy and myself or paying a bill. Life was beyond a struggle, and I was lost.”

Kris was determined to provide for Buddy and himself. So, with the help of Workskil Australia Oaklands Park, he started to rebuild his life.

The Oaklands Park team provided Kris with targeted skills training, driving lessons and financial assistance to pay for food, transport and accommodation on his journey to becoming ‘work ready’.

Earlier this year, Kris began working part-time in maintenance and landscaping roles.

“I’m feeling hopeful for the future,” he said.

“Buddy and I are in a much better place for our wellbeing. We have accommodation, I’m no longer using, and I am earning some income.”

“I’d really like to build up my hours and also work helping other people who are struggling in life.”


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