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Cristy stands leaning against a wall in front of a garden. She has her arms crossed and is smiling proudly at the camera.

Taking Action for Cristy’s Career

Cristy overcame her employment barriers, including homelessness, and secured a fulfilling role as an Administration Assistant with Skilltech, showcasing the power of support and determination.


After moving to Adelaide from Alice Springs, Cristy was eager to gain employment. With extensive mentoring from her Workskil Australia support team, she was put forward for a First Nations identified role as an Administration Assistant with Skilltech, a Downer Group company.

Through the Workforce Australia - Transition to Work program, Cristy received assistance in preparing for her interview, which included company research, a mock interview, and obtaining suitable business attire. Workskil Australia also provided financial assistance to Cristy for food and rent, and supported her in obtaining her driver's license.

Cristy was successful in gaining employment with Skilltech and continues to enjoy her full-time work. She has also secured stable accommodation closer to her workplace and will be commenced a Certificate III in Business Administration traineeship.

We are incredibly proud of you, Cristy! Your future is looking bright, and we know that you will continue to thrive.

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