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Talia's Journey of Success in Traffic Management

Talia demonstrates determination and resilience as she embarked on a transformative journey through the Work Ready, Release Ready (WRRR) program from the Adelaide Pre-Release Centre.


Setting her sights on a brighter future, Talia collaborated with her Work Ready, Release Ready (WRRR) program mentor to chart a path towards achieving her dreams of working in traffic management and obtaining a driver's licence. Upon her release, she proactively sought support from Services Australia to secure the necessary assessments and access job-seeking assistance. Courageously sharing her struggles with substance withdrawals, she sought help from Drug and Alcohol Services Australia to address this obstacle.

Throughout her journey, Talia encountered setbacks and navigated difficult relationships, but her unyielding focus on her goals propelled her forward. Finding more suitable housing and enrolling in training programs with Workskil Australia, she worked diligently to obtain her White Card and Work Zone Traffic Management certification, as well as her Learner's Permit.

The collaborative efforts of WRRR, Workforce Australia Services, and Job Club ensured Talia's access to essential resources, such as transportation to interviews, interview clothing, and personal protective equipment. The investment in Talia's success paid off as she achieved her long-awaited goal of obtaining her driver's licence, giving her newfound independence.

Finally, after persistent efforts, Talia secured a position as a Traffic Controller with a reputable traffic management company. Her determination and accomplishments filled her with pride, as she successfully achieved the main objectives she had set for herself.

Talia's journey serves as an inspiration and a reminder that with the right support, determination, and self-belief, individuals can break free from their past, overcome adversity, and carve a path towards a successful and fulfilling future.

Congratulations, Talia, on your remarkable achievements! Your story is a shining example of triumph over challenges and an inspiration to others on a similar path.

*Name changed for privacy

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