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Tristan is outside, working in the garden in dark blue work clothes next to a small wheelbarrow. He's bent down to pull weeds from a garden bed full of lettuce.

Tristan's Journey to Success

Tristan's journey to full-time employment, supported by the Work Ready, Release Ready (WRRR) program, showcases his determination to rebuild his life after overcoming personal challenges.


Tristan embarked on his transformative journey in the Work Ready, Release Ready (WRRR) program at Port Augusta Prison in December 2018, while he was completing a three-year sentence. After being released on parole in October 2019, Tristan faced the challenge of rebuilding his life.

His first priorities were to reconnect with his children and address his previous substance abuse issues through drug and alcohol counseling. Tristan successfully completed his sentence in December 2019 and realised that to achieve his goal of gaining employment in construction, he needed additional support.

WRRR played a pivotal role in Tristan's progress. They helped him create a new resume, taught him how to use his smartphone, and connected him to Services Australia and job-search websites, allowing him to job hunt from the comfort of his home. Additionally, WRRR linked Tristan with a Workforce Australia services provider, ensuring he received comprehensive assistance in his quest for employment.

After settling in with his family and successfully completing his substance use counseling, Tristan was ready to seek full-time employment. With WRRR's guidance, Tristan explored various opportunities, including construction and excavator roles, as well as different production positions. His determination paid off when he secured a full-time grounds person position at a resort in Wilpena Pound, where he now resides. Tristan takes immense pride and joy in his work, and this achievement reflects his dedication.

WRRR further supported Tristan by providing petrol vouchers and essential work clothing, such as high-visibility shirts, work pants, and steel cap boots, which were arranged by his Workforce Australia services provider and WRRR. Additionally, Tristan received assistance with obtaining his tax file number and completing his employment forms, ensuring a smooth transition into his new job.

Tristan's success story does not end here. WRRR remains committed to supporting him throughout his employment journey and is readily available to provide assistance whenever needed.

Great work, Tristan!

*Name changed for privacy


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