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Support for Migrants and Refugees

Workskil Australia assists migrants and refugees in learning new skills and navigating the Australian training and employment systems while supporting their health and wellbeing.

How we can help

We can connect you or a family member with the right support or focus on finding and securing a suitable job. Some of the ways we support individuals include:

Translating and Interpreting

Connect with free services for translating documents and interpreting calls

Finding a Job

Find and keep a job that suits your interests and abilities

Industry Skills and Short Courses

Complete bridging courses and adapt qualifications to Australian requirements

Learning English

Access unlimited English language classes in your area

Literacy and Numeracy

Build reading, writing, math and essential computer skills

Dedicated Coaching

Gain a Coach who supports you in joining the workforce and local community

Workforce Australia Services

Workforce Australia Services includes personalised support for migrants and refugees to assist them in finding a job and overcoming barriers to employment.

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Allied Health Services

We can support you in overcoming personal challenges and achieving your mental health goals. Our Allied Health Services include one-on-one counselling, group workshops and a dual servicing approach to care, with free appointments available to those registered with Workskil Australia.

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